I am Love Summit

I am Love Summit

I am Love Summit

I Am Love Summit

I Am Love Summit

I am LOVE Summit

I Am Love Summit

I am Love Summit

I am Love Summit

I am LOVE Summit

I Am Love Summit



I am LOVE Summit

I Am Love Summit

I Am Love Summit

I Am Love Summit

I Am Love Summit

I Am Love Summit

I Am Love Summit

I Am Love Summit

I Am Love Summit

I Am Love Summit

I Am Love Summit

I Am Love Summit

I Am Love Summit

The Identity-Based Approach To Unconditional Self-Love

This Summit Has Officially Ended...

But You Can Still Register Below To Be Notified When It Becomes Available Again!

This Summit Has Officially Ended...

But I Decided To Offer Today As A Bonus Day!

Register Today And You Can Still Watch All The Interviews!

If You Woke Up Tomorrow And

Your Entire External Emotional Support Network

Was Gone

Would Your Internal Sense Of Self-Worth Be Strong Enough To Overcome Your Brain's Constant, Destructive, Negative Self-Talk?

Are You Struggling To Create...

The Life You've
Always Wanted?

30 Self-Help Experts Come Together To Share Their Secrets On

The One Thing That Changes Everything...

Join Us May 22nd - May 25th 


There’s a reason you’re struggling!

You deserve to live your best life, but self-love is easier said than done.

Join 30 leading self-help experts and learn a NEW approach to unlocking your best life.

Dear Friend,

Are you having a difficult time overcoming feelings of self-doubt, dissatisfaction, and/or fear?

What if I told you there is one answer, one habit, one solution that can break down these barriers in your life?

Would you be interested in learning what that is?

Or would you simply say...

“There’s no way my problems have one simple answer. I’ve been struggling for years. If there was an easy solution, I’d know it by now!”

I've actually thought this at times, so you are not alone if you do. But let me introduce myself and share how I discovered the ONE SOLUTION...

My name is Tyson Bradley...

I’m a certified life coach and the founder of  Inherent Identity, a company focused on empowering God-loving people to create instant and lasting change through identity...

I’ve dedicated my life to guiding others through identity-based lifestyle changes that last...

After being in the life coaching industry for years, coaching clients, and talking to other life coaches about their coaching experiences...

I began to notice a pattern...

Women, men, mothers, fathers, entrepreneurs, youth, everyone gets caught up on the same types of questions...

  • Am I good enough?
  • ​Can I do this?
  • ​How do I move forward?
  • ​What is my purpose?

All of these questions can create a roadblock to progress. But all of these questions are also rooted in one problem...

Do you know what that problem is...?

Probably, because you’ve likely struggled with it as well.

The problem is self-doubt...

But knowing that isn’t the hard part...

The hard part is overcoming that inner dialogue that fuels your self-doubt...

And how do you do that?

Well, the answer is simple, but also life-changing.

People get stuck in patterns of negative thoughts, feelings, and outcomes... because they haven’t learned how to implement Unconditional Self-love!

Unconditional self-love is the differentiator between those who make massive changes in their life and those who stay stuck...

Year... After Year... After Year!

Once I figured this out, I knew that my clients deserved a solution and...

You Deserve A Solution!

And that's when the idea hit me...

If I was going to be able to help people finally overcome their self-doubt, and stop their negative self-talk...

I needed to understand self-love at the deepest level...

So I started reaching out to all the self-love experts I could find...

From experts on marriage, to faith, from parenthood to body image, I found they all had something to say about cultivating unconditional self-love...

I WAS BLOWN AWAY by this new wealth of knowledge... and how well it aligns with my own method of creating life-changing habits that help us discover our true identity.

I could not wait to share what I learned with my clients...

But it was too good and too important to only share it with my existing clients...

These Secrets Have To Be Shared With The World!

So I came up with this crazy amazing idea...

What if I could get all of these self-love experts to come together and share their insights and strategies with you...?

And what if I could convince them to do it FOR FREE!?

I would finally be able to help everyone break through the giant brick wall of self-doubt they keep running into!

It wasn’t easy... but these experts want to help as much as I do, so they all agreed.

Who are these highly sought after, super knowledgeable self-love experts who are willing to give you this invaluable information out of the kindness of their hearts?

I’m glad you asked…



Natalie Clay

Marriage Coach

How Self-Hatred Is Sabotaging Your Marriage, And What To Do About It


Dr. Julie Hanks, PhD, LCSW

Author | Therapist

What Does A Certified Therapist Think About Self Love And Identity?


Sara Brewer

Coach | Podcaster

Embracing Your Inherent Love Amidst Pornography Struggles And Growing From Deep Shame


Amber Dawn Pearce

Influencer | Storyteller

The Simple Shifts To Create A Life Of Self Love (As Revealed In Scriptures)


Richard Ostler

Author | Podcaster

Creating Self-Love Amidst Faith Crisis / Queer Identity / Addiction


Kristen Duke

Teen Parenting Coach

How To Get Out Of The Self Love Struggle When Parenting Teens


Amanda Louder

Sex Coach | Podcaster

How To Love Yourself Into An Aligned Sexual Life


Mike Terry

Author | Influencer

The Exponential Increases In Self Love That Can Happen When You HEAR HIM DAILY


Stacy Julian

Memory Keeper | Podcaster

How To Break The Norms And Apply Self Love In The Work/Life Balance


Mimi Bascom


The External Things We Obsess Over That Prevents The Power Of Self Love


Kurt Francom

Podcaster | Speaker

How To Easily Live Into God's Love & Heal Your Unloving Self


Hayley Clark

CEO of Honey Mark | Influencer

Wake Up To Self-Love & Confidence Using The Profound Power Of Clothes


Lisa Andersen

Influencer | CEO of Drawers Co.

The Self Love Solution For Kid-Pleasing Mothers


Lisa Valentine Clark

Actress | Podcaster

What Self-Love REALLY Is And How To Cure Yourself Of Body Shaming


Courtney Tolman


How Perfectionism, Achievement, And Comparison Are Stopping Your Self Love Habit


Dara Tomasson

Life & Weight Coach

How To Love Yourself Thin


Andrea Davis

CEO of Better Screen Time

How To Create A Relationship Of Self Love With Technology


Sara Phelps

Influencer | Speaker

The Fast-Track Method To Finding Your Purpose And Loving Yourself Into It


Janae Cox

CEO of Clean Monday Meals

The Past Programming You Have Around Food And How To Escape It To Create Self-Love


Whitney Call

Actress | Comedian

Connecting To The Deepest, Eternal Self To Get Through The Challenges Of Self-Worth


Bonny Scott

Adult Child Relationship Coach

What NOT To Do To Create Self Love In Your Adult Child Relationships


Kim Job

Business Coach

Accessing Self Love And Creating Breakthroughs In Your Business By Listening To The Body


Rachel Rhien Tucker

Writer | Influencer

How To Remove Shame And Replace It With Your Spiritual Gifts


Jennifer Sumko


Using Your Relationship With Christ And Your Home To Create Self-Love


Crystal Haitsma

Parenting Coach

The Generational Patterns Keeping Us From Self Love And Parenting In A Guided Way


Courtney Casper

Author | Designer

The Foundational Identity That Makes It Easy To Live In Self Love Each Day


Ceri Payne

Time & Business Coach

The Un-loving Identities We Have Around Time And How To Change Them


Molly Claire

Business Coach

Escaping The Traps Of Rushing, Comparing, And False Identifying Within Business


Brooklyn Jolly

Money Coach

Separating Your Identity Of Love From Your Beliefs Around Money


Katie Hughes

Author | Founder of Multiply Goodness

How To Claim Your Self Love Every Morning And The Steps To Staying In Love

I want to give you access to my interviews with these experts so that you can learn all that I’ve learned about self-love and start living your best life.

There is something for everyone in these interviews, but don’t take my word for it…

This is not a sales pitch...

I am not charging one single cent for access to this one-of-a-kind summit of experts!

You might be asking yourself...

“Why not? What’s the catch?”

There is no catch...

And even though I could probably make a lot of money selling access to the I am Love Summit...

I believe everyone has a right to happiness and fulfillment.

Maybe when it’s over you’ll love what you heard so much that you’ll want more...

Maybe you’ll sign up for my program, or listen to my podcast, or follow me on social media...

But for now...

Consider this a FREE GIFT from someone who understands!

But you have to act fast because the I Am Love Summit is only available for a brief window of time.

Register now and from MAY 22nd to MAY 25th you will get access to all 30 INTERVIEWS showing you how to live your best life through cultivating unconditional self-love.

For 3 days you will be able to dive deep into topics like:

  • Loving yourself amidst shame and addiction
  • ​Creating a home environment that makes it easy to love yourself
  • How to love yourself when you are totally different from everybody else
  • ​How you can use your clothes to eliminate negative self talk 
  • ​What self-love really is and exactly how to develop it
  • ​Self-love in difficult family relationships
  • ​Cultivating an identity of self-love that lasts​ 
  • ​How to love yourself when your brain can't seem to let go of things

...And So Much More

So, show yourself some love and do yourself this favor...

  • Commit to register
  • Commit to show up
  • And commit to implement what you learn

You deserve it!

This could easily be the kindest thing you do for yourself...

Not just today, or this week, or this year...

But ever!!!

Now is the time to
Start Living the Life You’ve Always Wanted!

Show yourself some love.

See you at the I AM LOVE Summit!

Tyson Bradley

P.S. - If you scrolled to the bottom without reading... here’s a quick recap...

When you register (for free), you’ll get access to my interviews with 30 self-help experts showing you how to master the skill of unconditional self-love in order to create the most amazing life possible, and you’ll be able to watch them all for free!

Oh, and one more thing... I’m also going to give you free access to a bonus training (by me) where I tie together everything you learned in the summit and show you how to use it to create instant and lasting change in any area of life!

All you have to do is register now:

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